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Meet Travis Eaton

I've had a passion and interest in photography ever since I picked up my first Pentax k1000 after I was selected to be on the yearbook staff my junior year in High School.  There I learned the basics of photography and spent many hours and days in the darkroom learning to perfect the developing of film and pictures.  This passion carried over to college where I took photography courses at Boise State University.  GO BRONCOS!

Paths took me a different direction in life and for 15 years I was a business owner with over 100 employees in the corporate world.  As much as I enjoyed that, I was always trying to find my avenue in what I love, and that is telling a story through my  photography.

With the love of architecture, design, landscape, and homes, I finally found my path!          

What Clients Are Saying

"Hey there! The order was super simple, and email confirmation came through right away. Very user friendly! Thank you!"


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